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Thank you for visiting our guide to In-Sourcing your Santa Ana, CA real estate photography needs with USHomePhoto. We are dedicated to delivering the very best photography, at pricing levels that rivals having your own in-house photographer, but without any of the pitfalls that can occur with in-sourcing your photography needs.

We know that "in-sourcing" with an out-sourced resource might seem counter-intuitive at first, but read on to find out why partnering with USHomePhoto will make great financial sense, and ensure a product that would require an entire team of people dedicated to your photography needs. From our financially sound pricing models, to our incredible photography and service record, you will find USHomePhoto to be a friendly, and talented partner to your entire brokerage.

Discounts, reliability, consistent product, and additional services are all part of our Insourcing program with USHomePhoto. The program discussed in this document is our Platinum membership program which entitles every single Realtor in your brokerage an "across the board" discount on every single line item on every single invoice of 25%. In addition to significant savings on primary shoots, drone, twilight, and more, you also get the advantage of our extremely reliable, and consistent product ensuring that every single shoot turns out fantastic!

Introduction To In-Sourcing Your Photography

Did you know that according to this article the National Association of Realtors says that “Bad Photographs” is one of the top contributors to why a listing might be ignored?

In this online world of “swipe left…. swipe right”, great photographs have never been more important, and the trend is only going to continue to grow as more tech-savvy generations start their new home search.

Professional photography has become one of those “evil necessities” that Realtors are increasingly coming to realize is a must-have.

In fact, photography has become so important that many brokerages and large teams are considering hiring an in-house photographer to lower costs, maintain control over quality, and attempt to provide faster listing service to your Realtors.

In today’s changing real estate market, “In-Sourcing” your photography has never been more attractive. When you consider the continually rising costs of professional photography, and the important role it plays in your business. The “Evil Necessity” rears its ugly head once more.

Unfortunately, the costs of professional real estate photography are also continuing to grow, and it appears that the sky is the limit. I’m sure that as a broker, you’ve seen photography costs climb over the last several years to a point where it’s becoming necessary to consider in-sourcing.

Three Reasons To Insource Your Listing Photography


You don't need us to tell you that controlling your business costs is very important. As you consider your costs of doing business, listing photography should be near the top of the list.

With professional photography prices spiraling upward, and costing in the neighborhood of $200 per listing for "average" quality photos, finding a low-cost, high quality solution is increasingly more important.

Even if as a broker, you do not pay for, or reimburse for photography, you can still have a dramatic impact on the costs of professional photography for your Teams, and individual Realtors by creating the right partnerships, and that is where USHomePhoto comes in!


In this online world of “swipe left…. swipe right”, great photographs are increasingly more important, and the trend is only going to continue to grow as more tech-savvy generations start their new home search.

When considering how crucial your listing photography is to your brand, it's important that your brokerage is well represented by your photography, and this is where a high degree of consistently great quality is necessary.


You need to get those photos shot today! You need your photos edited today! You need your editing changes done now! You need that listing up on MLS fast!

All of these are great reasons why you need responsiveness, and availability of your photographer(s), editor(s), and admin staff.

On the surface, it all seems great. You'll have a dedicated "in-house" photographer, editor, and admin that only services your brokerage. Your photos will get shot really fast, they will get edited super quick, and your listings will get up on MLS at the drop of a hat.... Right?

Let's talk about that in a minute.